1. How does it work?

Office-Directory.com offers free assistance to connect you with business centers for serviced office and virtual office solution.   Collect requirements, get quotations, liaise between you and the operators until you find the best office solution that suits your requirements and budget.

Contact us through web form or email whenever you want to know more about office solution or corporate service.  Start searching by locations.


2. Does End-user require to reward office-directory.com for their works?

No commission, brokerage fee nor bonus is requested.  However, if you would like to thank for our free service, you may send us testimonials and introduce our service to your connections.


3. How does office-directory.com get pay?

The operator does because they want a wider network of clientele, so that they are willing to work with professional brokers.


4. When should you contact office-directory.com?

Any time when your office requirement has a change regardless you are looking to expand from one workstation to a new office, or want to restructure your current office administration expenses.  Opening a new business line, start up or expand to a new market, we are capably to connect you to worldwide operators.